Linggo, Hulyo 17, 2011

RH BILL is NOT the solution !

Our country is facing a lot of different problems today.why not the government and all the people focus on this? instead of taking importance to that certain bill ! for me as youth, i should say NO to RH BILL ! why ? simply because it is indeed against the law of God. 

Filipinos must also change their attitude towards themselves and the government? they should  learn how to follow basic life’s rules. Population is an evident source for progress, but it is also a source of poverty in itself. regardless of how we see things in a different way it is how we handle it to make it useful or kept on complaining about its uselessness would matter the most.

Sex Education is not the answer for the massive early pregnancy. This will only tolerate the young to do the sexual intercourse. Being a responsible and loving parent is the answer. I know that someone would asked, what if the parent are not responsible and loving? there are other people who can influence them in a good way... the teachers.. right? what if they are the out-of-school youth, then it is the work of the government to give them something they can be busy of and forget the lustful world...

We must live our lives with faith in God ! we must NOT think about the poverty for it will only lead us to SIN. God loves us He will never let us put into suffering. BELIEVE and you will SEE ! 

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